How to use picsart background

In the digital age, photo editing has become an essential part of our lives. It allows us to unleash our creativity and enhance the visual appeal of our images. One popular photo editing tool that has gained immense popularity is PicsArt.

With its wide range of features and user-friendly interface, PicsArt provides beginners with a platform to create stunning visuals. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using PicsArt background effectively. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, social media influencer, or just someone looking to make their pictures stand out, this guide is for you.

Understanding PicsArt Background

PicsArt Background is a feature within the PicsArt app that allows you to change the background of your images. It provides a wide range of pre-designed backgrounds, including landscapes, textures, patterns, and more. By utilizing these backgrounds, you can transform the look and feel of your images, making them more visually appealing and engaging.

Installing PicsArt

How to use picsart background

To get started with PicsArt, you need to install the app on your mobile device. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the app store on your device (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).
  2. Search for “PicsArt” in the search bar.
  3. Select the PicsArt app from the search results.
  4. Tap the “Install” button.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.

Navigating the Interface

Once you have installed PicsArt, familiarize yourself with its interface. The main screen consists of various icons and options that allow you to access different features of the app. Here are some key elements of the PicsArt interface:

  1. Toolbar: Located at the bottom of the screen, it provides quick access to essential editing tools.
  2. Navigation Menu: Located at the top left corner, it allows you to navigate to different sections of the app.
  3. Layers Panel: Located at the bottom right corner, it displays the layers of your edited image.
  4. Effects Panel: Located on the right side, it provides a wide range of effects and filters.
  5. Backgrounds Panel: Located on the left side, it offers a variety of pre-designed backgrounds.

Importing Images

Before applying a PicsArt background, you need to import an image into the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “+” icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select “Edit” from the options.
  3. Choose an image from your device’s gallery or take a new photo using the camera.

Applying PicsArt Backgrounds

Once you have imported an image, you can proceed to apply a PicsArt background. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the “Backgrounds” panel on the left side of the screen.
  2. Browse through the available backgrounds or use the search bar to find a specific type.
  3. Select a background that complements your image.
  4. Adjust the opacity and position of the background to achieve the desired effect.
  5. Tap the checkmark icon to apply the background.

Customizing Backgrounds

PicsArt allows you to customize backgrounds to add a personal touch to your images. Here are some customization options:

  1. Blending Modes: Experiment with different blending modes to blend the background with your image seamlessly.
  2. Eraser Tool: Use the eraser tool to erase unwanted parts of the background and create a clean composition.
  3. Crop Tool: Adjust the size and aspect ratio of the background to fit your image perfectly.
  4. Color Adjustments: Use the available color adjustment tools to modify the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast of the background.

Adding Effects and Filters

To further enhance your images, PicsArt offers a wide range of effects and filters. Explore the “Effects” panel to find the perfect style for your image. Apply different filters, such as vintage, black and white, or cinematic, to create a specific mood or aesthetic.

Enhancing Images with Tools and Adjustments

Apart from backgrounds and filters, PicsArt provides various editing tools and adjustments to enhance your images. Some essential tools include:

  1. Crop Tool: Crop your image to remove unwanted elements and improve composition.
  2. Adjustments: Modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of your image.
  3. Brushes: Use brushes to add details or make precise edits to specific areas of your image.
  4. Text Tool: Add text overlays to convey messages or enhance the storytelling aspect of your image.
  5. Stickers and Clipart: Access a vast library of stickers and clipart to embellish your images.

Saving and Sharing Your Edited Images

Once you’re satisfied with the edits and background, it’s time to save and share your image. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the checkmark icon to apply all the changes.
  2. Tap the “Save” icon in the toolbar.
  3. Choose the desired image quality and format.
  4. Select the location to save your image.
  5. Tap the “Save” button to save your edited image.
  6. To share your image, tap the “Share” icon and choose your preferred sharing platform.

Tips for Creating Captivating Visuals

To create visually stunning images using PicsArt backgrounds, consider the following tips:

  1. Experiment with different backgrounds and blending modes to find unique combinations.
  2. Keep the composition balanced and avoid overcrowding the image with too many elements.
  3. Use complementary colors to create harmony between the background and the subject.
  4. Utilize the editing tools and adjustments to fine-tune the image and make it more impactful.
  5. Maintain consistency in your editing style to establish a recognizable visual identity.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while using PicsArt backgrounds, try the following solutions:

  1. Update the PicsArt app to the latest version to ensure you have access to all features and bug fixes.
  2. Clear the app cache and restart the app to resolve any temporary glitches.
  3. Check your device’s storage to ensure you have enough space to download and save edited images.
  4. Review the PicsArt support page or community forums for specific troubleshooting tips.


Q. Can I use PicsArt Background on my mobile device?

Yes, PicsArt is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access and utilize PicsArt backgrounds on your mobile device.

Q. Are there any subscription plans for PicsArt?

Yes, PicsArt offers subscription plans that provide additional features and content. You can choose from various subscription options based on your needs.

Q. Can I import my own backgrounds into PicsArt?

Yes, you can import your own backgrounds and use them in conjunction with PicsArt’s editing features to create unique visuals.

Q. What are some advanced editing features in PicsArt?

PicsArt offers advanced features like double exposure, curves adjustment, clone tool, and perspective correction, allowing you to push your creativity further.

Q. Does PicsArt work offline?

While PicsArt offers some offline editing capabilities, certain features and content may require an internet connection.

In this article, we have explored the various aspects of using PicsArt background effectively. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the available tools, you can unlock your creativity and produce visually stunning images. Embrace the power of PicsArt and embark on your journey to create impressive visuals that captivate your audience.


PicsArt provides beginners with a powerful platform to enhance their images and create captivating visuals. With its extensive collection of backgrounds, effects, and editing tools, you can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary masterpieces. By following the steps outlined in this guide and experimenting with different techniques, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient PicsArt user.

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